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Are you looking for a new career in the fashion industry?  You're in luck! We are looking for professional permanent sales consultants to join our team. 

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A wedding gown is the most elegant and emotionally inspired purchase a bride will ever make.  It represents intense love, commitment and excitement for the future. The dress is one of the focal points of the wedding and must be chosen with care, to suit the bride’s style and personality.  The right dress will transform the bride into a stunning vision on her wedding day. At L.A. Collection, our highly trained staff will work hard with you to find the dress that fits your vision.  We have a wide selection of dresses in all sizes, fabrics, and styles for you to come and try on.  From classic elegance to fun and chic, we can find a dress that will enhance your own personal style. Let us help you find the dress of your dreams!  


The Versatile Bridesmaid Dress.. In today’s world of “high fashion”, what the bridesmaid wears has become ultra-important.  At weddings, naturally, the bride commands the attention of the attendees.  The bridesmaids must then compliment the bride and the overall theme and décor of the event.  In this day and age whether you are going with a more traditional bridesmaid gown or a more fun and flirty dress, the wedding party has to be comfortable with what they are wearing so that they can look great too!  The key to picking the right bridesmaid dress is to keep it simple but versatile and appealing to everyone involved. More than ever before, the styles you see in the fashion world and on the runways are edging into the bridal industry.  We continuously replenish our stock with the latest trends and fashions so that your bridal party can wear their dresses with confidence and style!


Selecting graduation apparel can be a relatively simple task or it can involve several months of searching to find the perfect dress. Many schools require that certain dress codes be adhered to for graduation ceremonies and it is best to follow the guidelines as set out by the school for this very special occasion. Regardless of whether or not a dress code is in place, a graduation dress should be appropriate for the occasion. A suitable fabric and classy design will stand out above trendy flimsy, over-revealing creations. Shoes also require special care when selecting, they should be attractive yet comfortable for both walking and dancing, also for standing in one position for long periods of time such as during lengthy photography sessions. Consideration should also be given to hairstyling. If hair is styled prior to the actual graduation ceremony, make sure hairclips and other ornamental hairpieces do not interfere with the fit of the graduation cap.

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