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Here is a photo of the graduation dress we purchased from you. Mackenzie loved it. We came in late (and grouchy) and had a wonderful lady help find a dress!

- Trish Guimond





Hi there!
I just wanted to say thank you for your part in creating the final look for my daughter Paris' graduation. We were "just looking" when we stopped
in October, as we saw there was an event, but she found her gown and we ordered that same day.

We were in last year for a drwas as well and were happy to come back!

After a couple alteration and fitting dates, we took the gown home and had to hang from the ceiling to avoid crushing it. It was worth it.

I've attached some pics to show you

Thanks again!

- Shelby Mykietowich




This was the first store I went to when looking for my grad dress. I had heard from many friends that this was the place to go. The service and atmosphere was above amazing. Serena was a wonderful consultant and was never pushy or just looking for a sale. She truly cared about my style preferences and found me my dream dress that exceeded my expectations.  After finding my dress I took many of my friends to LA Collection and find theirs and every time we were successful.

- Kate Clark

Hi Nadine!

I wanted to let you, the owner, Farron (who helped us pick the original dress) & the lovely seamstress who worked on Cali's dress, that we are so thankful for all of your help in making her graduation day.  Even though she didn't get to wear her original dress, we wanted to let you know that on the day of her graduation, she looked, and more importantly, felt beautiful in the dress you were able to alter for her into something that she loved just as much as her original choice.  We did not feel at all that she was settling on anything "less" with her new dress.  Thank you for making a very tough situation into one that turned out beautifully.  I can't tell you how many compliments she got the evening of her grad from friends and parents.  She was even told that she had the most beautiful dress of the evening by both another mother & a male classmate (and that says a lot!). 

You went above and beyond to restructure a whole dress into something so beautiful.  Thank you for taking our request to have the skirt redone in the colour of her choice.  I have told the story to many about how you all stepped up and worked to find a solution that in the end was so beautiful!

I have attached a few pictures that I hope you will enjoy.  Please share them with the team that helped to make her day.

Joanne & Cali






I bought my graduation dress for 2017 and was thoroughly impressed by the service and staff there. Overly helpful and a welcoming atmosphere with a lot of selection! The dress and alterations were perfect and arrived on time, very happy.

-Marissa Friesen




My experience with LA Collection was amazing. Not only did I buy my prom dress and shoes from here but I also bought my grade 8 graduation dress 4 years ago. The ladies were extremely helpful and cemented my thoughts on what dress to buy and the alterations were perfect the first time. I received an insane amount of compliments during my prom and kept receiving them weeks after. I love this dress store and hopefully when the day comes I will purchase my wedding gown from here too!

- Victoria McGahey






Bought my beautiful grad dress from here and i absolutely love it! Had the best service. A lady named Gwen made me feel very comfortable and at home while choosing my grad dress, she even helped me take pictures in the dress I picked out. I've never had service like I did At la collection. Would 100% go back for my wedding dress one day! Recommend this boutique to future grads and or brides! -

Taytam Lapointe



I had a great experience at LA Collection. It was very busy when I got there, but they had no trouble getting me a dressing room. The amount of graduation dresses that there was to choose from was great. There were many people around to give opinions and help find anything you were looking for. I tried on a few dresses before I found the one I loved, but the girl helping me saw the look on my face and knew it was the one I wanted. I was still undecided, but I kept going back to that dress. I am so glad that I had heard about this place.

- Kalissa Joanisse




Just a heads up for grads next year! When it comes to grad dress shopping keep LA Collection in mind! My experience there was nothing but lovely. The women there were so helpful and they really knew what they were doing!! I bought my dress there and once it came in they kept my dress there until I came in for my alterations (which I also had done there and they were affordable and amazing). When an amazing selection and helpful staff you can’t go wrong.

- Kyra De La Ronde





graduated this year, and I bought my grad dress from here in November 2016. I loved the selection of dresses, which were all beautiful! Someone came to help me right away, and she was very helpful while I was trying on dresses. I will definitely recommend to others. Jessica Dueck



"Order my grad dress from here. The staff were very friendly and very helpful in helping me find the right dress. They said my dress would be in 5 months, but it ended up coming earlier at around 4 months - which was a nice surprise. Overall great service and experience. Sarah F



I had an amazing experience at LA Collection this year. I graduated high school this year, and was extremely apprehensive about buying a grad dress. I have had body image issues my entire life, and have always hated shopping because of that. When my mother and I came to LA Collection, we were greeted and told to look around. We found many dresses that looked good on the rack, but not so great on me. The sales associate asked to help us, and when I told her vaguely what I wanted my dress to look like, she came back with three options and one of them was the one I ended up purchasing. She smiled at me, and actually ended up giving it to us 20% off because it was a 2016, and the last of its kind. We had to go in for alterations three times, and I felt so bad because each time I found something new that I wanted slightly changed. The kind alterations woman never stopped smiling, and talked with me about my day, even when on the second alteration appointment I broke down in tears because I thought I looked ugly in my dress. On the third and final day, I came in, and put it on. It was so perfect. She had gone the extra mile to make sure I felt beautiful in my dress, and I can never thank her enough for being so patient, creative, and kind. I got tons of compliments on my dress, and I recommend LA Collections to anyone who asks. Sophie Smith




Bought my grad dress here. Customer service was really great. I got assisted right when I came and picked up my dress the day I came to check the store. Everyone is really friendly and made it easy to me to pick the right dress and I really love my dress so much.

Christine H. 



I bought my grad dress from LA collections in January and they were so helpful finding dresses and doing alterations and holding te dress, spreading payments ect. And the employees were so kind and constantly talked about how much they loved my dress. I'm so glad I shopped here. Courtney Parson



I bought my grad dress from LA and was very happy with the service. They understood my financial situation and gave me a couple weeks to pay off my dress! I am glad to have chosen LA Collection to purchase my dress! Jeanny Villordon


Staff were very helpful and knowledgable and made the decision process very smooth. They made me a first priority and found the time to assist me individually! Highly recommend to anyone looking for a special occasion gown. Alana Verschuur


~LA Collection is a fabulous store, they have many different types and colours of dresses for whatever you may be looking for - plus the workers are amazing easy to talk to and willing to help with whatever is needed.



I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time with me to find the dress I really wanted. Your staff was very helpful and understanding. Taking the time to listen to me and help me find the perfect dress!

I attend Garden Valley Collegiate in Winkler and our Graduation was on Thursday, June 26 2009. The day was wonderful! I felt just like a princess! Although 2 other girls had the identical dress-(we each had it in a different color - so really they didn't look that much alike) I must say that the pineapple color of my dress was much more elegant than the other colors.

I couldn't decided what pics to send - Our theme was a night in Paris - in the one photo you see me standing under the Eiffel Tower.

Thanks again for making my day a special one!

Cherish Toews

Julie Pelletier.JPG

Attached are pictures of me in my Grad Dress. I really enjoyed my experience shopping at L.A Collection. You were very helpful in helping me find the perfect dress. Thank you

Julie Pelletier Ecole Saint-Joachim La Broquerie

Thank you for making my special day amazing with the beautiful gown i was able to wear. I felt like a princess. I will send you a few pictures of my grad.

thank you so much again