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We all know how important it is to get words of wisdom and referrals from our trusted friends. Here are some testimonials from some of our fabulous grads! Please e-mail us to have your experience displayed on our site!


  • madison-rey-2

    “I need to start by saying, I loved my dress, actually, everyone loved my dress…so many compliments!!! It was at LA Collection that I tried on my very first grad dress ever and after trying on a few different styles, something happened when I walked out of the change room and as my mom saw me in “the one”. Her face said it all. She even asked me if I was saying “yes to the dress!” Nothing else compared and we bought it that day.  It was such a special time for me (and my mom) and to have this be a positive, fun, easy, relaxed experience made it even more special. My mom now tells her friends to go there for their daughter’s grad dresses! …and one day, when I find “Mr. Right”, I’ll be back for my Wedding dress :)” – Madison Rey, 2016

  • dana-raimundo

    “L.A Collections was my last stop for shopping for my grad dress after spending an all day session trying on dresses. The staff and L.A Collections was top notch. The staff was supportive, kind, helpful and dedicated to helping their customer feel beautiful. Always smiling. It made my experience less stressful and much more easier to pick one of many beautiful grad dresses. I love this store and highly recommended it to all my friends and my friends who are graduating this year. This is my dress and I love it!” – Christina Carvalho, 2016

  • michelle-yael

    “My experience with grad was amazing and truly unforgettable. I got to spend some emotional last moments with my former classmates that were either going to different post-secondary schools, or moving abroad for their studies, thus bringing some tears and laughter among us all because of how proud we were for one another.  Seeing everyone all dressed up in their formal dresses and suits really made me realize that “wow, we actually made it this far together and we all graduated.” Every one complimented each other on how stunning they all looked. Grad night was the night I felt most confident in a dress, because I felt beautiful in my Alyce dress from LA Collections, it made me feel very confident to show my beauty that night because I loved how it made me feel. Hearing compliments on my dress and how beautiful I was in it really boosted my confidence as a woman.” Michelle Yael Moran, 2016

  • kyla-balfour-2

    “My name is Kyla Balfour and I am here to tell you a little bit about my experience purchasing my grad dress at LA Collection! A young woman’s grad dress is the second most important gown that she will ever put on, next to her wedding dress of course! This being said, I was extremely nervous to start shopping for “my dress”. Two years prior, my sister purchased her grad dress from LA Collection. She walked in, showed them what she wanted and got her dress. Quick and simple.. My case was much different. I walked into the store not knowing what style would suit my 6’1 frame or what colour wouldn’t drown out my pale complexion. What if I couldn’t find “the one”?! I was feeling pretty defeated after not finding anything that I loved! I started to get down on myself and began to panic, thinking I wouldn’t have a beautiful dress for grad! That is until my lovely sales associate decided to take matters into her own hands! She took my pile of “No’s” and marched right back out onto the floor. When she returned, she had a pile of dresses of all different styles. I took […]

  • larissa-gobert

    “Grad dress shopping for me (as most girls) was a very stressful time. Mid-January the pressure was on to find a dress and on a cold weekend afternoon I found myself once again back in the car with my mom down portage avenue. After a few failed attempts, she suggested L.A collections. Upon arrival in the store I was instantly greeted and the atmosphere was warm and welcoming. The attendant was helpful and engaged while with me asking what interested me. As I was trying on dresses she came back to the fitting room with a new dress. She revealed that it was a two piece and I agreed to give it a try. Words couldn’t describe my emotions as I saw it in the mirror, I didn’t even have to look at my mom to know she felt the same. It was the one. It was unique, elegant, beautiful, and I knew that I would be wearing it to grad. I am so happy with how my day turned out, and extremely thankful for the role that L.A collections played in it.” – Larissa Gobert, 2016

  • ainsley-dubowee

    Grad 2016 was one of the best nights of my life because I got to dress up and party with all of my best friends and classmates. I was extremely rushed in the morning with hair and makeup so when I got home to put my dress on, I was pretty stressed out. But as I stepped into it for the first time since alterations, I took a moment to look at myself and realize that this is the day I had been waiting for, for 18 years!! My dress truly represented me because it’s my favourite colour and I knew I had wanted this dress a couple years in advance after seeing it in a magazine. I had cut the magazine page out and kept it for all of high school to remind myself that I NEEDED to wear that dress for my graduation. All in all, I had such an amazing time at grad and it was a nice change to get all dolled up! I’m so happy I got to spend the day and evening in my dream dress!- Ainsley Dubowec, 2016

  • deanne-lawn-1

    My graduation was a great and awarding experience. It all started with the first day of Grade 12. I knew it was going to be a fantastic year full of excitement and as the saying goes many last “first times” for lots of things. I had my last first day of school, my last first assembly etc. I enjoyed travel opportunities but knew one of the big highlights for me was going to be finding the dress I would wear for my Graduation. I went to a variety of stores in Brandon and Winnipeg but it was at LA Collections that I fell in love with the dress that I would buy. I wore it will pride and received numerous compliments. The staff at LA Collections were 2nd to none and made my experience a day I will always remember.- Chelsea Lawn, 2016

  • hayley-3

    I came to LA Collection’s and within minutes I found my dream dress. It was a beautiful blush pink with a beautiful lace top. Being a teenage girl, having the same dress as another girl seemed like a nightmare. I was very impressed that the store has the program that helped with preventing that… The big day came around and when as I got to my prom I realised 2 other girls had the same dress. This seemed impossible to me seeing as so many tools were in place to prevent that and I live in a fairly small city. As the evening went on, I started to realise that nobody had noticed the dress mishap, even after each person had the chance to do a grand march up onto the stage to show off their dress. I learnt that even though the dress is such a huge part of the evening, it’s all about adding your own style and wearing it with confidence… It’s a lesson I apply to my everyday fashion and overall body confidence. Thank you for being a part of that lesson! – Hayley, 2016

  • abby-toews

    I bought my dress from LA Collection at the end of December 2015. The selection of dresses was very impressive with styles for every taste. Even though it was quite busy, my sales associate was often there to help or give an opinion when asked. I fell in love with a lacy, blush gown that I ordered that day. Later, when my dress came in, a seamstress made time for a quick fitting in her busy schedule. This was much appreciated as I live 45 minutes out of the city. Alterations went perfectly and I received many compliments when I wore it to grad.Thank you so much. Abby Toews, 2016

  • chanel-hoium

    My mom and my sister were with me at what I felt was one of the most exciting time of my life…..Grad dress shopping!!!  Upon searching numerous stores for the perfect grad dress, we arrived at L.A. Collection.  I tried on a few different styles… mermaid, ball gown, strapless, and it wasn’t until I tried on the one-shoulder chiffon that I knew I would be saying yes to the dress.  The dress was very simple, yet elegant.  I tried it on with a few different accessories and decided the belt was the icing on the cake which completed the elegant red-carpet look I was going for.  When the time came for alterations, the seamstress at L.A. Collection was fantastic.  We were determined not to leave the store until everything was 100% perfect and we received this service at L.A. Collection.  I just want to say Thank You L.A. Collection for making my dreams come true on my graduation day!  I looked amazing!- Chanel Hoium, 2016

  • nicole-hrabi

    My experience at la collections was an amazing one. I remember last summer driving past & seeing this dress shine in the window. I made my mom stop and take me into the store, even though she could barely walk as she just had surgery. I tried on this dress. I looked in the mirror and it was the one. We ended up buying it. Everyone working there was so friendly. At my dress fitting, I noticed that they made everyone feel like a princess, complimenting them and making them so excited for their big day. I will definitely be recommending this place to others. -Nicole Hrabi, 2016

  • kamera-dueck

    My name is Kamera and I bought my stunning grad dress from your store! The dress made me feel gorgeous and when we took these photos, normally I would’ve been embarrassed or felt awkward as other people would walk past and see me posing, but that night I didn’t. I felt so confident in it and was so happy to show it off to other people. Thank you for letting me feel that way.- 2016

  • Maegan Yallowega

    I had a great time at Vincent Massey Collegiate’s grad. We danced, had dinner, partied way past when I’m usually asleep, and overall had a really great time. I was really self-conscious about wearing a dress, since I usually tend to dress for comfort over style. But when I found this one at LA Collections with my friend, it just felt right. It showed off the parts of me that I was confident in and made me feel beautiful. I went stag and honestly felt like the belle of the ball. People I’ve never even spoken to came right over and complimented me. I felt confident and happy and amazing. Thank you guys for that amazing experience.- Maegan Yallowega, 2016

  • Brooklynne Litke 2

    This is my second grad dress bought from L.A. Collection as I graduated in 2015, but also went to grad with my boyfriend in 2016! After finding the perfect dress for my grad in 2015, L.A. Collections was the first place I went to look for my dress in 2016! Their exclusive collection of dresses that aren’t in any other stores and their friendly customer service is what brought me back! I told the sales associate helping me what I had in mind, and what dresses I felt comfortable in and she was able to pick many dresses that not only matched what I had in mind, but also suited my body type! When the time comes where I’m looking for a wedding dress, L.A. Collections will be my first stop!- Brooklyne Litke, 2016

  • Maya Smith

    I was a little late in purchasing my gown (couldn’t do it until April) and my sales associate helped me find the perfect one for me. They were so kind and patient as I have troubles with body image, being a plus sized girl, and they helped me find a dress that I felt absolutely beautiful in. It took me a while but the sales staff never shook and it made me feel better knowing I had people on my side. Also, as I only have a single dad it was refreshing to get a personal opinion from the sales staff and a female to help me along the way. Overall, I had a wonderful experience at LA Collection and loved my grad dress! – Maya Smith, 2016

  • Trish Wizniak

    My graduation experience would not have been the same without the helpful team at LA collection. When I stepped into the store I had absolutely no idea what kind of gown I was looking for. I tried on several styles when a consultant suggested I try on a gown that she thought would perfectly suit me and my body shape, a two piece. At first I was not on board, but I was willing to try the gown on. Once I walked out and saw myself in the mirror I completely fell in love with the gown. Stepping out of the limo on the day of graduation was a terrifying experience, wondering what people would think of my gown because everyone who knows me knows that I dress for comfort and have a very casual style. I was beyond excited to hear all the compliments about my gown.  The shock factor was priceless! All evening I received compliments from teachers, students and even strangers on the uniqueness of the gown and how amazingly it fit me. I was able to share laughs, and dance the night away in an absolutely incredible gown thanks to the incredible team at L.A. Collection.-Trish W., […]


    Without the help of the staff from LA Collection, I would not have found the perfect dress. The dress I bought was the first one I tried on and I instantly fell in love. All night I got compliments on how my dress “fit like a glove” and that it looked beautiful on me. I have to agree that I looked my best in this dress and I’m very happy with the way it looked on me. Thank you LA Collection for providing me with this dress and making my grad day very special!- Sarah Jay, 2016

  • Jenessa Rutter

    I have to give a big thank you to you guys at L.A. Collection. My day wouldn’t have been as special as it was without your help, starting with my dress. When I was shopping for my dress I really appreciated it when I would try one on they ladies working gave me honest feedback about how the dress looked on me. I’m not a small person so some dress types were not appealing on me. On grad day after I got my hair done it all felt like grad when I put my dress on! I felt like a princess for the day and it all wouldn’t have been possible without the help at L.A. thank you for making my day an unforgettable day!!!- Jenessa Rutter, 2016

  • Tess & Jessi R. with Tanys

    My sister, Jessi, and I bought our graduation gowns from your store last winter. The new collection of 2016 dresses had just been released, and we were overwhelmed with all the different options. We had the entire store to ourselves, but not a clue where to start. One of your sales associates, Tanys, took us under her wing. She encouraged us to skim through the racks and pick out 5 dresses that caught our eye. Based on those dresses and our responses to the different styles, she picked out both Jessi’s and my own dress. She was professional, funny and made us feel extremely comfortable. She reassured us when last minute doubts crept into the room, and truly made the entire experience memorable. When we had to have our dresses altered, your store was nothing but accommodating. We live out of town, and even though you were very busy, you made time to fix our dresses before we left the city. Tanys is truly an amazing women who you are very, very lucky to have.- Tess & Jessi Rampton,  2016

  • Brittany Clark

    I had an amazing experience at LA Collections. Received great service as soon as I walked in the door. Such a huge and awesome selection of dresses, the options were endless!  Parking is convenient and the change rooms are nice and roomy. All around a really good experience and I absolutely loved every moment of getting to wear my dress. Every time I put it on for alterations I never wanted to take it off! Below are some pictures from my grad. – Britanny Clark, 2016

  • Rachael Klassen

    Hi, My Name is Rachael Klassen. I Graduated from W.C. Miller Collegiate in Altona. I Purchased my Beautiful Christina Wu dress from LA collection and was very pleased with the fit and  the look of my dress. At my Graduation i had many people come up to me and tell me that my dress was stunning and fit me perfectly. I was told that the dress stood out because of the color of dress and the way it nicely contrasted with my hair. I had many comments on how the top of the dress stood out because of how elegant yet simple looking the dress was. I was extremely happy with the choice i made in picking my dress and was really happy with the service i received with picking my dress! Thank you for the excellent service at your store well picking my dress, it really helped with making the decision with very little stress!!- 2016

  • Amy Huynh

    I have looked all over for a grad dress, none of them were what I was looking for. My last resort was L.A. Collection! There was lots of dresses to choose from and I couldn’t decide, right away one of the helpers looked at how puzzled I was and helped me find the was a dress With the beaded sweetheart neckline that made it stand out but not too much. On the day of grad I felt like Cinderella, everyone complementing my dress and how it suited me super well.  This picture I picked because my smile was that big that day I never felt as beautiful as I did and it’s all thanks to L.A. Collection and their wonderful team.- Amy Huynh, 2016

  • Emily Weedmark 2

    Hello! My name is Emily Weedmark. After looking for a grad dress at multiple stores in my area and having no luck, I travelled to Winnipeg from Saskatchewan thinking I might have a better chance of finally finding the perfect dress, despite my loss of hope. I visited LA Collection and my dreams became a reality! Even though the store was very busy, I was greeted, had help picking out dresses to try, and was in a fitting room extremely quickly. The associate helping me was amazing; she gave her honest opinion, knew what styles I preferred, and when I was torn between two dresses she helped me make a confident decision. I picked up my dress in April and it was just as beautiful as I had remembered. Thank you LA Collection, for making me feel like a princess on my grad day!- Emily Weedmark, 2016

  • Kim Lontoc

    “My experience with L.A. Collection was amazing! Especially because it was the first store I looked in for finding a grad dress, I came out with a dress that made me feel confident and beautiful. With the help of their encouraging and humble staff, I was able to find a dress that fit and match my body type as well as finding a colour suitable for me. Their environment is very welcoming and all the staff are ready to give a helping hand with warm smiles. Their dresses are one of a kind and display a variety of styles all unique in their own ways. It is spacious and they have great lighting and mirrors for when you are looking at a potential dress. They make sure you are listed so that people in the same school as you don’t end up getting the same dress which I think is a big stress reliever. Overall, L.A. Collection truly is the best store to get your perfect dress!”- Kim Lontoc, 2016

  • Kamryn Dyck 1

    hello! my name is Kamryn Dyck and I purchased my grad dress from LA Collections in late December or early January. I had two amazing experiences at your store. Both times that I was there the staff was helpful, kind, and quickly picked up on what styles I loved and which I didn’t. I had multiple staff members helping me in many ways and I felt like a princess! My graduation wouldn’t have been the same without my dress so thank you, LA Collections.- 2016

  • Jessica Spenst

    My name is Jessica and last summer I flew out to Winnipeg for the summer to find the perfect prom dress with my aunt! I remember going to ATLEAST 6 different bridal shops searching for the right dress but none of them had the ‘wow’ factor I was looking for. On our search we drove past your store while it was closed and saw the GORGEOUS sparkly ball gowns in your window and we knew we had to check it out. We tried on many of your dresses, and finally I came across this one. I can’t even begin to describe that feeling of “this is the one.” We got it right then and there. I hauled that thing as my carry on for my flight all the way back to BC if it meant I could feel as beautiful as I did that night in that dress all over again! Many thanks. -2016

  • bride_300-20331_203x203

    Everyone here was really friendly and helpful, right from the day I tried on dresses, to my final fitting. The atmosphere is comfortable, there is a large selection of dresses, and the prices for designer dresses are pretty decent. I have absolutely nothing negative to say, and would give them more stars if I could.

  • bride_300-20331_203x203

    My experience with L.A. Collection was amazing! Especially because it was the first store I looked in for finding a grad dress, I came out with a dress that made me feel confident and beautiful. With the help of their encouraging and humble staff, I was able to find a dress that fit and match my body type as well as finding a colour suitable for me. Their environment is very welcoming and all the staff are ready to give a helping hand with warm smiles. Their dresses are one of a kind and display a variety of styles all unique in their own ways. It is spacious and they have great lighting and mirrors for when you are looking at a potential dress. They make sure you are listed so that people in the same school as you don’t end up getting the same dress which I think is a big stress reliever. Overall, L.A. Collection truly is the best store to get your perfect dress!

  • bride_300-20331_203x203

    I purchased my grad dress from here and the service was great! The store was organized very conveniently by color. Although my dress shopping was quite late, I still found the perfect dress (thanks Teagan!). Got to try a lot of dresses as well because I wasn’t quite sure about the style I wanted. Having someone run to pick out dresses for me was awesome too! She based from the dresses I tried on and put them all together to find the perfect dress. Thanks so much LA Collection and of course Teagan! 😊

  • bride_300-20331_203x203

    I had the pleasure of purchasing my grad dress for 2013 at LA Collections. It was the first store I had tried on dresses at, and it was an excellent experience! The minute I walked in I was taken cared of; the consultant was extremely friendly and asked me extremely helpful questions regarding the specifications I had in mind. I fell in love with my dress the moment I put it on, and everyone at the store made me feel so welcome and really let me take my time, so it wasn’t a hard choice when I decided to purchase it. I loved my dress so much, and I had a great experience shopping at LA Collections! -December 2013

  • bride_300-20331_203x203

    My daughter Samantha purchased a one of a kind graduation dress from LA Collection for her 2013 Grad. Her consultant was extremely professional, friendly and helpful thru her experience of trying on various dresses, making the final decision, setting up the alterations and finally bringing her dress home. During her graduation she received many compliments and inquiries about where she bought her dress. She was so truly happy with her selection and so proud to tell everyone LA Collection was the place to go. This will be my first stop the next time we need a dress! Thank you so very much -November 2013

  • bride_300-20331_203x203

    I am beyond THRILLED I went to L.A. Collection for my graduation gown. The staff was exceptionally wonderful in helping me get into gowns all the way through fittings and finally bringing my gown home. Completely professional, passionate staff. I was so happy the first time around, I even came back for a second dress, and do NOT regret it for one second! I could never imagine any other place as good as L.A. Collection to take my business, and no one else should! -October 2013

  • bride_300-20331_203x203

    I couldn’t be happier with L.A. Collection. I purchased my wedding dress from them in January for my wedding on September 7th, 2013. Kayla was my consultant, and she was absolutely wonderful. She helped me find exactly what I was looking for. They even did my alterations in the shop and they came out perfect! They have a large selection of dresses to choose from, so if you are starting what seems like the endless search for your dress. Start here and ask for Kayla! They also have a large selection of grad, bridesmaid, and evening gowns if your looking for that as well. I will be recommending them to anyone looking for a beautiful dress, and great customer service. Thanks again to the staff! -October 2013

  • We were at LA collection this past Saturday afternoon, we bought the beautiful plum colour stock dress. We just wanted to thank you, Chelsea, for the time and patience you gave to us and my daughter on Saturday. As you would have noticed my daughter has special needs and you treated us with the same respect and care as you would have with any of the girls. You made Tara’s experience so special and unforgettable. You made her feel like a princess and that means more to me than you know. Thank you so much !! Cindy January 28th, 2013

  •  Hello, I just wanted to share with you guys the wonderful experience my daughter and I had shopping for a grad dress at your store. My daughter hasn’t had the best high school experience and was very nervous about looking for a dress. Tara was our sales associate and made my daughters experience amazing. My daughter truly felt  like a princess. I am so happy with our experience. My daughter can’t wait for her grad day! Thanks so much, A very happy mom! Kimberly January 20th, 2013